Build web automations
without coding

Dashblock is the easiest way to automate websites without coding.
Put your manual tasks on autopilot to save time and focus on what really matters.

Free 14 days trial, no credit card required.

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Create web automation visually

Our online browser makes the configuration easy and resilient.
You can use it as if it was on your desktop, point any text, data, or image you want to gather or interact with.

You can drag-and-drop blocks to define your automation and create complex workflow logics. Connect to your favorite Apps in the same place.

Google Sheets
Google Sheets
Google Drive
Google Drive
Google Cloud Vision
Google Cloud Vision
Amazon S3
Amazon S3

Turn blocks into use-cases

Build even the most sophisticated automation with simple blocks that you can compose, chain and create.

Possibilities are endless without coding but sometimes, a good-old-fashion line of Javascript would be easier, right ? Well... you can also do it.

Alfred proof

Alfred is a proprietary algorithm that can understand web pages and interact with it. Show him few elements on a page and he will understand what you want to collect or interact with.

No need to use CSS Selectors or XPath that can break when the website updates. You can setup your automation once and for all.

Don't take our word for it

This turns out to be super easy, because @DashblockHQ is INSANELY AWESOME

Colin PlamondonStartup Founder

Dashblock allows us to save up to 8 hours per week of repetitive manual work.

Dilong Goh
CEO of Giantech

Before using Dashblock, the parcel sending process was laborious as our Clients needed to manually fill all the informations, pay and finally send the parcel.
Now, they automatically get their delivery etiquette with the right information which makes the process way easier.

Daan Weddepohl
Founder of Peerby

We use Dashblock to monitor construction materials prices and availability locally, for our customers.
What used to be a burden became a seamless process that runs without requesting any effort on our side.

Pedro Dellagnelo
Founder of Oico