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Dashblock is the easiest way to access the web programmatically. Automate processes, test your website or collect data seamlessly.
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Autonomous Browser

With Dashblock you can create web automation and execute them from anywhere with an API call. Add variables, send high-level commands, return data, select elements visually and get a visual feedback in real-time of what's happening.


Process Automation

Automate processes on any website to buy products automatically, book hotel room or buy flights. Increase your conversion rates by sending a browser instead of redirecting your users.

End-to-End Testing

Our browser will behave exactly as a user would on your website so you can catch bugs before deploying and thanks to our Machine Learning model you can also update your website without updating all your tests.

Data Collection

Access easily any data even behind a login with high level commands. We automatically structure and transform the data into a machine readable format and recognize it even when the website updates.


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