Enhance customer support with back-office automation

Powerful automation that allows your support team to focus on customers, not processes.
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Tech-Enable your Operators to delight your Customers

Dashblock takes away repetitive, manual tasks from your operators, allowing them to focus on the human side of customer care.

Our robots automate in real-time your back-office interfaces and integrate with your Agent's favorite support tool: your support team can focus on customers instead of processes!

Improve resolution time, standardizes customer processes, and avoids human mistakes to delight your customer, even when contacting your support team.

Discover the no-code platform tailored for your custom Internal Tools

Setup your automation in few minutes, without writing a single line of code, and enjoy enterprise-level service availability.

Continuously improve your processes and instantly share new automation across your whole support team!

Your agents can now use high-level actions from their favorite customer support or ticketing tool.

Integrate your siloed Back-offices with the Apps you use

Add an automation layer on top of your old-fashioned back-office interface.

Your automation is available through a browser or programmatically, which ease integration with third-party services or even your code-base.

Skip integration burden and sprint planning to improve your customer support: start using Dashblock today!


Don't take our word for it

This turns out to be super easy, because @DashblockHQ is INSANELY AWESOME

Colin PlamondonStartup Founder

Dashblock allows us to save up to 8 hours per week of repetitive manual work.

Dilong Goh
CEO of Giantech

Before using Dashblock, the parcel sending process was laborious as our Clients needed to manually fill all the informations, pay and finally send the parcel.
Now, they automatically get their delivery etiquette with the right information which makes the process way easier.

Daan Weddepohl
Founder of Peerby

We use Dashblock to monitor construction materials prices and availability locally, for our customers.
What used to be a burden became a seamless process that runs without requesting any effort on our side.

Pedro Dellagnelo
Founder of Oico