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Automate the repetitive tasks you wish you wouldn't have to do to boost your growth, serve your customers better, manage your company or collect data.

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Growth automation

Automatically gather new leads, enrich them with your favorite service, add them to your outbound campaigns, engage on social networks and sync up your CRM!

Generate leads

A sales coach sources boosts its sales by sourcing leads on Angel.co and Crunchbase.

Engage with prospects

A B2B startup automatically engages on LinkedIn with prospects answering to its outbound campaigns.

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Enrich your CRM

Giantech, a marine engineering company, enriches its CRM with marine traffic data.

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Dashblock allows us to save up to 8 hours per week of repetitive manual work.

As a marine engineering company, tracking marine traffic, monitoring arriving vessels and synching this data with our CRM is a crucial part of our sales efforts.

Thanks to Dashblock, we are saving up valuable time and energy, and securing more clients than ever before!

Dilong Goh
CEO of Giantech

Robotic Process Automation

Our programmable browser is the most advanced tool to put on autopilot repetitive tasks on the web. Here are some examples of what our customers are automating :

Send parcels online

Peerby, a product sharing platform, makes product sharing easy to its users by automating parcel sending on the web.

Apply for loans

A marketplace selling second-hand cars automates loan applications on behalf of potential car buyers to ease the selling process.

Book appointments

A logistic startup automates appointments booking on third-party websites to continuously optimize operations.

Peerby users' can now send automatically their parcels thanks to Dashblock.

Before using Dashblock, the parcel sending process was laborious as they needed to manually fill all the informations, pay and finally send the parcel.

Now, they automatically get their delivery etiquette with the right information which makes the process way easier.

Daan Weddepohl
Founder of Peerby

Data Collection

Never miss data points that matters to you : teach our browser the data you need, integrate it with your favorite tool and schedule your dash in few clicks.

Get real estate data

A Proptech that changes the way Realtors work uses Dashblock to feed its product with local Real Estate market information.

Monitor products

Oico, a startup that supports Real Estate procurement teams monitors construction products' prices and availability online.

Track containers

A company in the Logistic industry track automates online container tracking to save tens of hours of manual work.

We use Dashblock to monitor construction materials prices and availability locally, for our customers.

What used to be a burden (we were losing a lot of time to review manually a large variety of products) became a seamless process that runs without requesting any effort on our side.

We can now focus on crunching the data and create value out of it for our customers!

Pedro Dellagnelo
Founder of Oico