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Experiment new hacks, integrate new services and scale your growth pipelines without coding.

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Gather Qualified leads

Find leads matching your Ideal Customer Profile

Use our programable browser to gather Company Name by crawling professionals directories, members of specific groups, hiring companies or leads based on specific criteria from untapped websites.

Don't know where to start? We went through this and built Dashblock to help you experimenting at lighting speed. Get started with a standard pipeline and keep iterating to find the right approach for your business.

Qualify, enrich and clean by dropping blocks

Built with
Built with
Sales Navigator
Sales Navigator

Uses apps like Sales Navigator or Angel List to qualify your leads.

Enrich your leads with Fundraising Round using Crunchbase or Technology Used through Built With to improve your targeting.

Gather Email, LinkedIn Profile and other contact information with Hunter and make sure you never end up in spam folder checking Email Status with Debounce.

Building your lead generation pipeline is a breeze!

Engage with prospects

Auto-dispatch your leads between your campaigns

The information gathered in your lead generation pipeline lets you automatically filter and dispatch your prospects to the campaigns that will resonate with their situation and need.

What if a specific service doesn't bring enough results (e.g. Email finder) ? Just drag & drop another one in Dashblock editor and your pipeline gets immediately updated.

Send useful and personalized cold emails with low efforts

When going outbound, you need to bring value to your leads. In order to do so, you need to ensure delivering the right message to the right person.

Dashblock allows you to automatically use your prospect information in your outbound tool : First Name, Last Name, Company Name, LinkedIn Group Name and more.

The ease of iteration allows you to continuously improve your writing by adding new data sources or services in your pipeline and finally boost you open rate, calls booked and contract closed!

Engage on social networks to strengthen your presence

A strategy that particularly works for us is to combine outbound efforts with social network presence.

To do so, you can use our social network apps to Connect with Profile and send a personalized message to your prospects. This will engage them on an alternative channel and allow them to be updated about your activity via their news feed!

Enrich your CRM

Sync your CRM from your growth pipeline

Fill your CRM with only highly qualified, enriched and interested prospects to nurture until closing.

Update your customer accounts automatically

Automatically update your prospects and customers information in your CRM at a given frequency.
Gather new data points and signal on companies to reach out at the right moment, and stay personal by following getting the last news about your contacts.